Gary & Charity Deaton

Celadon has been a tremendous help in allowing our business to grow and prosper. With a strong back-end support team, trailer availability, generous compensation, technology, and a knowledgeable staff, they have helped me to avoid some of the major pitfalls of a small business in the transportation industry. With the Celadon team behind me it has allowed me the flexibility and security of a larger company which has provided a great base for me to grow my business to the size it is now. Thank you Celadon for your continued support, we look forward to a long, prosperous relationship.

Carolina Logistics

Now in our 3rd year, Carolina Logistics Partners could not be happier with our decision to join the Celadon family. From the start, we have gotten the needed support to grow our operation. There is a lot of visibility from a system standpoint that allows us to make informed decisions that works best for our fleet. We are proud to be partner with a top notch organization which continues to improve upon it’s successes.


Couldn’t have asked for better questions or a more relaxed [onboarding] team to speak with.


Celadon has one of the best service records for any carrier hauling for Nestle Waters in the Midwest region. They are priced competitively, handle what they commit to, and with minimal but effective communication. These traits that we look if our partner carriers.


Celadon strives to provide excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and on-time carrier performance and have met all our goals and expectations. They have a qualified staff of associates that are always available to assist us in every way.


Celadon Logistics is a flexible, changing 3PL with the advantage of a large asset based arm and a size large enough to handle all facets of transportation needs, but small enough to make you consistently feel like a valuable customer.


Celadon Logistics has a great balance of experienced people, industry knowledge and technology. Their communication is thorough and proactive and their staff is well trained to deal with any issues that might occur.