Fuel Surcharge Program

Except as otherwise provided in specific rate items, all applicable contract and tariff Out of Country rates and domestic Mexico rates are subject to a Mexico Fuel Surcharge as determined below.

Mexico Fuel Surcharge (MX FSC) shall be adjusted each Monday at 1:00 p.m. EST, based upon the fuel price in effect at that time.

Formula for the Fuel Surcharge is determined by taking the actual price of the fuel, minus the price of fuel on January 1, 2008 ($5.93 Pesos per Liter*) divided by 2.3 kilometers per liter.

Mexican Diesel Prices are available at the “Mexican Association of Fuel Retailers Companies” webpage:  http://www.amegas.net/

Pesos to U.S. or Canadian funds based on the “Exchange rate to pay obligations entered into in U. S. dollars payable in Mexico” in effect each Monday at 1:00 p.m. EST as published on Mexico’s Central Bank (Banco de Mexico) Web site.

All Mexico tax responsibilities by the carrier will be itemized to these fuel charges.

Mile Paying Accounts

MX FSC shall be converted from kilometers to miles (1.609 kilometers = 1 mile).  Apply charge shown on total billed miles as determined by current Rand McNally Mile Maker most current version.

KM Paying Accounts

Applicable charge shown on total billed kilometers as determined by MX Department of Transportation (SCT) Kilometer Guide “Traza tu Ruta” most current version.  In case some lanes are not listed there, “Guia de Carreteras de México” by Guia Roji will be the backup Kilometer guide.

This Fuel Surcharge Program cancels and supersedes all other Out of Country Fuel Surcharge Programs.


*Accounts paying taxes on fuel line items will use $5.1565 pesos per Liter divided by 2.3 kilometers per liter.  The taxes will be added to the end of the invoice, itemized.